My Life's Work

Our body is a reservoir for somatic-based memories of life events going back many generations. Somatic Archaeology© (SA) offers a route for healing trauma through a process involving specific breath-work, imagery, aromatherapy and other somatic techniques. It’s a dynamic skillset exploring how transgenerational information is held, managed and accessed through our body, the living library of our ancestry.

Generations of repetitive suffering from violence, persecution, displacement, addictions, ethnocide and war establish historical amnesia which manifests as chronic or delayed stress syndromes and survivalist behaviors. Historical amnesia propagates the inability to return to the roots or genesis of our sense of belonging. This loss of identity appears to be a central organizing factor in many familial and cultural systems manifesting pronounced stress symptoms. Sequential traumatization, pathogenesis from the preceding seven generations, and mechanisms of defense that have both personal and spiritual dimensions result in an entire society recycling past suffering by living incongruous ways of life. From this point of view, the most malignant component of the transmission of transgenerational trauma is the raw, un-integrated somatic affect and emotional imprinting that has never been processed in the parents’ and great-great-grandparents’ generations and, consequently, becomes internalized in the children in another place and time. Generational Brainspotting™ and Somatic Archaeology© provide a sound and reliable means of “remembering” through therapeutic integration of memories and sensation.

This dynamic and intuitive training offers a unique approach to recover from complex traumatic events with researched and culturally relevant tools. A somatic, body-based approach which cultivates personal and cultural memory. This program is supported with a medicine wheel model, indigenous research, hands-on skills, and a hybrid learning model. Specifically designed for inter-tribal healthcare providers and the powerful exchange of cultural medicine. This annual, 200-hour program is offered free of charge for Tribal Members.

Freedom Lodge and The Black Hills Historical Trauma Research & Recovery Center has changed the conversation about health, healing and recovery in South Dakota and across Indian Country. We believe that each of us has a role to play in the health of tribal nations and Mother Earth. Each of us has a wise contribution to make, and a deep remembering of who we have been. We hold this knowledge in our body as a walking library of our ancestors.As the 8th generation approaches, it is time to look forward, to fully heal our wounds, to reclaim our heritage and to mend the Sacred Hoop of Life. This we do to honor the next seven generations. We invite you to join us.

The field of generational healing is rapidly growing! To look back at the framework that pre-exists us, provides a better understanding of our behaviors, physical symptoms and lifestyle choices. Together these groundbreaking products create a path to self-discovery and transformation of deeply buried issues, repetitive patterns and family dynamics.

Howling at the Moon Production’s mission is to lighten the load for future generations. Composed of a mother/daughter team, Dr. Ruby Gibson and Ola Faye Thompson have brought together their wisdom, experience, research, and self-practice to create tools for transformation that can be used by anyone.