"In Beauty, in Truth, Breathe Deeply"
-Dr. Ruby Gibson

An Introduction to Somatic Archaeology©

Join us for a special event for the Inner Science students! This is a great way to take a deeper look into the revolutionary model of Somatic Archaeology©.

Somatic Archaeology© utilizes a bottom-up approach to transform stored trauma via somatic processing – integrating body, emotion, mind, and spirit. SA© is a 14 generation, kin-centric model designed to restore biological, neurological, psychological, emotional, familial and social harmony. This somatic, body-based approach cultivates personal and cultural memory and encourages a path of wellness, supporting the clearing of emotional patterns and trends of abuse and struggle, and contributes to healing chronic pain and relational issues. Rooted in Indigenous wisdom and based on the medicine wheel, as well as neuroscience and Biogenealogy, Somatic Archaeology© brings profound inner and outer healing, integration, recovery of sacred identity, and reclamation of your sacred story.



Ruby Gibson

A mixed blood woman, Dr. Ruby is the Executive Director of Freedom Lodge, and an international healer, speaker and educator. She has spent her life developing and training others in Somatic Archaeology©, a transgenerational approach to wellness and reclaiming memory. Dr. Gibson is also the developer of Generational Brainspotting™, My Body, My Breath™ and the Historical Trauma Master Class for Native Americans. She is honored to witness the amazing capacity that each person has to reconcile suffering.

Dr. Ruby's Work

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Somatic Archaeology©

Somatic Archaeology© is a body-based transgenerational recovery approach that utilizes the ancient Medicine Wheel, breathwork, aromatherapy, neurophysiology, biogeneaology, and stress management to create personal and generational healing.



Historical Trauma Master Class™ is a 200-hour life-changing professional training program for mental, social, and cultural health care providers. HTMC™ is held annually by Freedom Lodge.


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Freedom Lodge

Freedom Lodge and The Black Hills Historical Trauma Research & Recovery Center has changed the conversation about health, healing and recovery in South Dakota and across Indian Country.


Howling at the Moon

Composed of a mother/daughter team, Dr. Ruby Gibson and Ola Faye Thompson have brought together their wisdom, experience, research, and self-practice to create tools for transformation that can be used by anyone.

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